Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Leftie journalists continue to tell lies about the Work Experience scheme.

For the umpteenth time, an article has appeared in The Guardian claiming that people on the Work Experience scheme are “unpaid”.

Far as I’m aware people on this scheme invariably ARE PAID. They are paid the same as they’d have got on benefits. The pay might be inadequate, but that’s a different point. The central point is that they ARE PAID.

The official government site explaining this scheme says, “Young people undertaking a Work Experience placement will continue to receive their benefit…”.

So either the government is telling fibs, or Guardian journalists are. My guess is it’s the latter.

Moreover, the pay of the less skilled when in work is often little different to what they get on benefits, especially when they have two or more children. Perhaps the Guardian will start wittering on about all these people being “unpaid” as well.

The only real surprise in this article is that it does not include references to “slave labour”.

Certainly the author of the above Guardian article, for all the ink, paper and forest consumed, is vague on the question as to exactly he means by the word “unpaid”. So I assume he is into propaganda and deception rather than informing readers. But that wouldn’t be a first for our supposedly intelligent broadsheet newpapers.


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