Saturday, December 15, 2012

Assessing the Effect of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development

Why would anyone want to be a leader? Has the effect of conventional leadership in business and entrepreneurship means having more responsibility, accountability, and more lost. To compensate for the difficulties, high positions typically includes an increase in salary, stock options, and other shiny objects to distract you from the long hours you will work and a greater amount of crap you'll eat. The problem is that most people climb the corporate ladder or start a business from scratch is too much focus on making money and gain power. People appreciate the dollar during the study, and the control of inspiration. As a result, they are left unfilled and no real influence, no matter how high they climb.

Let pleasure be your guide and influence. Right home, car, or salary will not signal "coming" in your life. The actual size of your arrival is the level of enjoyment and influence you have achieved. How much do you enjoy your life every day? How many people do you inspire and motivate positive action every week? Instead of worrying about making money and controlling people, focus on learning, enjoying, and inspiration. After all, what good is a giant business title and salary without happiness and fun? Likewise, what is the point of having authority over a group of people if they do not respect you, or even worse, you hate? In today's world, the best way to get ahead in business and entrepreneurship is to focus on leadership and influence to help others in their entrepreneurial development.

Focus on the vehicle, not just the end. Began to notice processes that shape your life. Every day, ask yourself, "What did I learn?," "How can I enjoy more,"? "Who am I inspiring?," And "How can I help others improve?" These four questions will help you stay focused on generating more pleasure making money, and produce the effect on power gain. Look for new ways to make yourself and those around you a better entrepreneur. Find new ways to help others learn, be creative, have fun, and thought to myself two feet. Real connection comes through increased autonomy of all people, not through changing all be the same person. Effect of true leadership is achieved when no one knew there was a leader. People can not be forced to be inspired. Leadership is influence of anemia in the world today, largely due to dependence on power as a motivational tool. Power, or authority, breeds only three things: fear, hatred, and the bare-minimum results. However, the authority is still the gold standard method in which most leaders seek to motivate their subordinates. Fear is poison and immediately drain the excitement and creativity. Fear also spawned hatred. People do not respect leaders who use fear to motivate them, but instead, they find subtle ways to undermine or sabotage the pursuit of the leader. Most often, this is done by a reduction in productivity just above the level of "You're fired". Leading with influence, not power. Focus on learning, enjoyment, and development of entrepreneurship over making money. Influential leaders spark of excitement, enthusiasm, and creativity in their subordinates. A true leader in the development of entrepreneurship as everyone connects them all under one goal. Understand: everyone wants to improve. True leaders entering this desire and inspires others to fulfill their own goals and objectives of the group.

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