Friday, March 22, 2013

Islamofascism is the fault of the British.

On 14th March, three Muslims in the UK were found guilty of terrorism. But that wasn’t the impression you’d get from UK left of centre news outlets.
Several BBC1 news bulletins in the 15th started with the claim that “Three British men” had been found guilty. British? Excuse me?
If a crime takes place in Britain (or France), the normal assumption is that the perpetrators are British (or French). Including the word British (or French) in the headline is entirely superfluous – unless there’s something devious going on, which of course there is.
The never ending flow of Nazi or fascist type crimes by Muslims is a slight embarrassment to pro-multi culti organisations like the BBC. So the BBC does everything it can, short of issuing blatant and demonstrable untruths, to muddy the issue.
Of course the BBC could claim it was informing us that the would be terrorists were British nationals rather than foreign nationals. Unfortunately even that argument doesn’t hold water because the large majority of terrorist activity in recent years (including the 7thJuly London bombings) was carried out by Muslims who had acquired British nationality. I.e. “British nationality” point is not newsworthy.
Another left of centre news organisation, The Guardian was up to the same trick and as follows.
Of the three men, one was white and the other two looked like they were of Indian sub continent lineage – Paksitani probably. So what does the Guardian do? It  publishes a big picture of the WHITE Muslim convert. As to pictures of the COLOURED Muslims – well you don’t think The Guardian showed pictures of them do you?
If three Tory party members had been found guilty of being drunk and disorderly, it’s a 100% certain that The Guardian (along with other newspapers) would have referred to “Three Tories”. Quite right too.  And if three motorbike enthusiasts had exceeded the speed limit, then The Guardian and other newspapers would have referred to “Three bikers”. Again: quite right. But three Muslims do something wrong? That’s when lefties start using weasel words and getting devious.
When it comes to racist bigotry, Hitler would have had much to learn from Britain’s political left. I say "racist" because concentrating on one of the three miscreants with a particular skin colour, while virtually ignoring the two with a different skin colour is blatantly racist. And apart from the picture, the headline of the Guardian article (see below) concentrates on the white member of the three man gang.


See Guardian article entitled “Convert admits plotting to attack Wootton Bassett”.

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